Monday, March 31, 2008


Joel leaves Nicole behind New mom

Nicole Richie has her hands full now that her partner and baby’s pop, Joel Madden, is off globe-trotting with his band, Good Charlotte, and she’s not happy about it, reports Star magazine.

“Nicole begged Joel to let her tag along, but he refused to put the baby through that much traveling,” a friend shared. “He thinks a rock tour is no place for a newborn and has put his foot down.”

But it’s not that sound reason that has Nicole in a tizzy. Instead it’s the fact that her frenemy Paris Hilton, who’s dating Joel’s brother and bandmate Benji, is hanging out with the guys on tour. “Nicole is livid!” another insider revealed to Star. “The thought of Paris on the road influencing Joel makes her skin crawl. Nicole doesn’t trust Paris as far as she can throw her.”

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