Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Surgery really takes a lot out of a person! I am so tired today. I expect I'll spend most of the day dozing to HGTV reruns unless I find a movie I want to snooze to. My abdomen is still pretty swollen. I tried too hard to move around and do a lot yesterday and today I am beat. Sorry. But at least there's nothing (knock on wood) terribly wild going on right now.....Vicodin is my friend.

but a few tidbits:

Just how much can a gold-digging wife take? Kobe Bryant has allegedly participated in yet another scandalous affair and was stepping out on his wife Vanessa with another Vanessa, no relation.

Vanessa Curry was a Laker girl but recently "quit" the squad to pursue some "hosting" opportunities. Rumor has it the suits wanted to get rid of her because the affair was a major distraction and the Lakers are close to getting coach Phil Jackson the all-time record for rings this season.


Buzz up!Internet supermodel Cindy Margolis and her husband Guy Starkman have called it quits after 9 years of marriage, she tells exclusively.

"The end of any marriage is very sad, however, I feel blessed that Guy and I remain very close, we are truly the best of friends and the most devoted parents," she tells Us.

Margolis, 42, and Starkman, an L.A. businessman and entrepreneur, are parents to Nicolas, 5 and 2-year-old twin girls Sabrina and Sierra.


Reese Witherspoon has reportedly refused to move in with her partner Jake Gyllenhaal.

The actress will not live with Gyllenhaal until they are married, according to Now magazine.

Witherspoon is apparently a believer in strong family values and doesn't want her children, Ava, 8, and Deacon, 4, to change home unless she is wed.

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