Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blind Item Time!

From Underground Buzz:

1. A big scandal is brewing for a top Hollywood Star. He is successful, charismatic and appears to be a loving father and husband. There are rumors that he likes to spend time with male escorts. If the scandal comes out, look for him to turn to religion to quell the controversy.

2. This young actor signed on a TV series thinking he was going to be the star of the show. Well his co-stars are outshining him by winning awards and acclaim. The Actor is not happy about the situation, but, since he needs the money, he’s staying put.

3. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to listen to your mother. This singer is trying to downplay his marriage to help salvage his career, but his very pregnant wife isn’t going anywhere. She plans to stay married to the singer despite his mother’s publicity machine.

*Spin's guesses: 1) Woll Smoth, 2) Adrian Grenier 3) Usher*

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