Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween Time

If you are looking forward to Halloween like I am but have no idea what costume to wear, try Halloween Costumes. The site is well organized to help you find a costume for that big party you're going to. You know this year is going to be huge for Halloween since it falls on a Friday, so you need to impress!

I am torn between finding a costume in the traditional sense of it being something in direct contradiction to my personality, which might be this:

But then I want to wear something really hip and cool, I'm not really sure what, maybe like this:

But I'm torn! However, at Halloween Costumes, it is so well organized that you could just about pick a mood and find something that would make you happy. The prices are reasonable and competitive as well.

If I picked something that complimented my personality, it might be one of these two:

Mainly because, well, I do have Viking ancestry so that would be cool, I'd need to complete the look with a blond braided wig and viking horns.....and everyday just about feels like a battle, so a Gladiatrix would be appropriate, especially if I put a briefcase with her.

What I would probably go with , though, is this one, because I am addicted to that Kirsten Dunst movie, "Marie Antoinette."

But they have a great selection, many choices and even the accessories that will help you to win that Halloween costume contest. Check them out! Halloween Costumes

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