Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blind Items: End of the Year edition

I think a lot of these we already knew. Anyway, from a compilation on ONTD:

Jonathan Jaxon's blog: Which top male music mogul once slept with his former male assistant?

Answer: P-Diddy

Ted Casablanca: Mooney Tuna can't put on a condom right.

Answer: Mooney Tuna = Seth MacFarlane

Lainey: Actress extremely thin before pregnancy, couldn't lose last 10 pounds even with help of celebrity IV diet; got lap band installed in stomach. Husband wants to conceive again, but she is too scared to remove device because she wants to stay thin. Her body over baby choice is now threatening her marriage.

Answer: Debra Messing

Lainey: Everyone does it, but it's not the doing that's intriguing, it's the who's doing that's intriguing. Especially since her reputation is supposed to be so civilised and enlightened: a doting mother, a successful business, an artist (debatable), and an icon to many a MiniVan member. Ironic as it may seem considering the original spirit of the inspiration. The situation is actually even more shocking considering her past. Having had that kind of experience with addiction though, perhaps there are only 2 roads: to shun drugs fiercely or, as it is in this case, to embrace them dangerously in her time of need.

Friends and family are becoming concerned. They're saying "she's not doing well", observing that her use has dramatically escalated, that she is becoming increasingly anti-social and withdrawn, removed out of embarrassment from her usual circle, and when forced out in public, looking awkward and seemingly unable to cope in social settings where she was once comfortable. The reason? It's not those laughable rumours of infidelity. It's actually because he ignores her. Never the child, but always her. Not deliberately but because she has no part in his life. It used to be he'd show up for the professional events, at the very least. Now she has to beg.

Answer: Sarah Jessica Parker

Lainey: Mother bans bottles or any type of baby accessories/furniture in home because nannies completely take care of the child.

Answer: Nicole Kidman

Lainey: These celebs hire workers for their house but don't pay the bills.

Answer: The Osbournes

Crazy Days and Nights: When Halo3 was released the other night, this world famous athlete was waiting in line just like everyone else. At midnight he bought copies of the game for himself, for his kids and for the twenty other people who had been standing in line with him.

Answer: David Beckham

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