Friday, January 23, 2009

Nothing you don't already know

But there's a book coming out telling all about how Paris Hilton is a big gaping skank. You can read the review from Gawker here.

I will say that after reading just the excerpts, I feel the need to scrub myself with Comet, followed by a stiff gouging out of my eyes. I think I even got herpes from just reading it. On the plus side, Taxicab Fingerbang would be a great new internet name! Or a good name for a punk band. Whatever. Anyhow, it might be a good read, just because of these two paragraphs from the review:

New book Six Degrees of Paris Hilton profiles Darnell Riley, a shady criminal and pseudo-celebrity hanger-on who knows many wicked Hollywood-sleaze secrets. The tome spins many damning stories about the hood-lidded socialite's sordid existence.

Riley, who is in prison for robbing, sexually assaulting, and blackmailing Joe Francis, says that, for sure, Hilton was in on the whole first sex tape charade. And, he alleges, it wasn't the last time the Simple Life reality stain filmed herself in flagrante delicto. Riley supposedly got a hold of several ssseeecret tapes of the nightclub fly. By, you know, stealing them from some "Russian kids" who had stolen them from her house.

*anybody who robs, sexually assaults and blackmails Joe Francis is a hero in my book! Just think of the entertainment value!*

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