Sunday, April 12, 2009

BACK from San Antonio

It was relaxing and nice to see the nephew graduate from Air Force boot training! The family reminded me of why I moved away! Go to San Antonio and be sure to do two things: go see the Alamo and do the Riverwalk. I feel a bit lied to though, you see pics and hear the stories and watch movies of the Alamo and think that it sits in a lonely part of the desert with only dusty sand and wind whipping around it. This is not the case. It is very lush and green, lots of plants and trees growing around and it sits in the middle of a plaza surronded by cheap, trashy tourist shops and a few nice shops. But it is not in the middle of nowhere.

What did I learn about the Air Force? It seems they have weight restrictions now for boots. I don't understand because what if iwth your running and working out and lifting weights you gain muscle weight? Anyhow, what I learned was that they don't want excess weight on their Airmen so I have a new motto for the Air Force:

USAF: No boundaries, no fatties.

Here, have a kick in the penis:

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