Saturday, May 30, 2009

Love Game

Here's Lady Gaga's Love Game for your weekend pleasure! It's a good video actually, it has a few subtle references to an old "art film" called the Night Porter....and it's actually cleverly done. The video portrays a sexual awakening with a lot of symbolism going on. Pay attention! Personally, I think this is her best song released so far. Enjoy!

Lady Gaga - Love Game 2009

still from the Night can see the inspiration:

NSFW scene here

I do agree with Rich Fourfour....what's next for Gaga? Can she possibly top herself? Aside from the whole '80's space fashion she's sportin around (which, having been around during that time, seeing it again sorta makes me *yawn*), I do understand what point she is trying to make. What I see from her, in my perspective, is an attempt at trying to blend raunchy sexiness and intellectualism into a smoothie of mainstream pop culture. She's not just trying to get your attention, she wants you to think about where she got that idea. This is not unlike Madonna in her heyday, say with Girlie Show, where Madge was dragging out porn and raunchiness into the bright light of popdom or with the whole S&M theme she was tossing at us in the 90's.

But unlike Madonna who just wanted to show, Gaga seems to be trying to tell us also. She wants us to not only see the raunch and the obvious sex that is so often used as an attention getter but to pay attention to the underlying themes being told. Such as with Love Game, where she descends into the tunnel of physical love clad in white, presumably as a virginal symbol on a quest, then turns the whole thing into a personal game, adopting clothes from her sexual conquests, going from one experience into another. Soon, at the end, she has become the master of the realm, lording over all in her black Night Porter inspired costume. It almost seems like all she had been with have become her playthings. Anybody else catch on that the cop turns into a woman?

I'm not sure how successful the effort will be, it almost seems that Gaga is throwing pearls before swine with such obscure references veiled in her performance. I almost have to wonder if she's such a film geek that she feels this awful urge to share. But that's what I see.

Her voice is solid enough, she's not nasally with her vocals like Beyoncé, Rihanna or even Xtina. She has a good appreciation for vocal subtly not found with many pop singers as well, she knows she doesn't have to power out every note. She has a solid sound, she can pull off a live show with no problem. I have great expectations for her pop act to grow. I'm expecting to see Gaga progress and mature her sound, giving us something that is truly special in the pop music world. I hope she doesn't disappoint.

But then, maybe I'm reading waaaay to much into it.

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