Saturday, May 2, 2009

O Rly? Sit DOWN, Ho

From Radaronline:

She may have a 20-year old model boyfriend on her arm but Miley Cyrus is walking down the road paved by pop stars before her (hello Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson) by publicly vowing to not have sex until she is married.

“I want to keep my virginity until I marry,” she explained to the UK’s Daily Mail. “I was brought up in a Christian family.”

Asked about the Vanity Fair controversy over some Lolita-like photos of her wrapped in nothing but a sheet, Cyrus chalks it up to growing pains: “It's hard growing up in the spotlight and I'm changing. I can't be the 12-year-old who just moved to LA for ever. I'm having a great time doing what I do, but I'm also going to stumble and fall. Having my parents close helps.”

*So to me, this translates as: she's a big whore but the family is keeping it covered up as per the terms of the Disney contract until such time as it gets leaked out after she turns 21. Cuz we've heard this bullshit before. *

Kathy Griffin Flipoff

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