Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blohan is Desperate for ANY Attention!

Careful Hollywood! She'll latch herself to anyone near her black hole of a lifeless void self and attempt to suck the life out of them! Take this example with Justin Timberlake off of Digital Spy:

Justin Timberlake ignored Lindsay Lohan at a New York City nightclub, it has been reported.

The 'Sexy Back' singer is said to have "shooed [Lohan] away" after she attempted to dance with him at club Avenue, says The New York Post.

A source claimed that Timberlake was without his girlfriend Jessica Biel and cosied up to unknown women while heavily intoxicated.

"It definitely wasn't Jessica. He was pretty drunk. Usually Justin is pretty in control, but he was acting pretty crazy. He was drinking tequila all night," the insider said.

"At one point, he cleared out a little space and started break dancing. He was bumping into people and spilling drinks. It was hilarious."

It is understood that Timberlake's alleged behaviour led Lohan to write on her Twitter page "where's jb cheater". The next morning she added "why do people cheat?", before later claiming that someone had hacked into her account and posted the messages.

However, Avenue owner Noah Tepperberg denied that the former 'N Sync star was chatting to any other females, saying: "I was within 15 feet of him the whole time he was there, and we know for sure he was not doing anything with other girls."

*Oh Lindsay. Quit trying to fuck anything that moves. Maybe you need to go visit Africa or India or someplace where you can see what being truly poor is all about.*

Prince does not approve.


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