Sunday, August 2, 2009


You know normally I don't dabble in politics here...but with the Palin clan, it's been soooo delightfully oozing with gossip! Here's the latest, it seems Ms. Sarah Palin buckled under pressure and that's why she gave up being governor:

9:20pm - receives letter from Palin lawyer Van Flein evidently confirming some details (will post when we clarify missing information)

AlaskaReport has learned today that Todd Palin and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin are to divorce. Multiple sources in Wasilla and Anchorage (including a former Palin staffer) have confirmed the split.
Palin's divorce

A National Enquirer story exposing previous affairs on both sides led to a deterioration of their marriage and the stress from that led to Palin's resignation as governor of Alaska last week.

The Palins were noticeably not speaking to each other for most of last Sunday's resignation speech in Fairbanks. Sarah ditched Todd (MSNBC) right after the speech and left without him. Sarah removed her wedding ring a couple of weeks ago.

Sarah has recently purchased land in Montana and is considering moving the family there. Sarah Palin is originally from Idaho.
Ringless in Anchorage

Todd Palin told Fox News last week that he was heading back to his job in the oil fields of Alaska, yet Sarah recently signed a book deal reportedly worth $11 million.

*points and laughs*

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