Friday, October 30, 2009


I'm going to be very honest here with Britney Spears' new video "3".....The song itself isn't that spectacular, it's just another typical Britney style song with the subject being threesome's (ooooh, controversial! *cough*).

The video...well, on the plus side, Britney looks better, her costumes are alright and she's trying to work it more like Old Brit. Oh and she's totally using her videos for product placement, a little self promotion.

On the con side, the pace of the video is too slow, the shots are boring, her hair is STILL a ratted mess and once again, she falls flat. There was so much potential to make this an awesome piece and it just doesn't work. She takes threesomes and makes them stale, mundane and boring. I watched this and thought, who cares? I am looking forward to remixes of the song and hopefully more interesting remixes of the video. Judge for yourself:

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