Wednesday, October 14, 2009


America wins! USA! USA! Jon & Kate plus 8 is over! From Radaronline:

Jon & Kate Plus 8 will officially end in mid to late November, has learned exclusively.

TLC has not made an announcement but has confirmed with sources outside the network that there is just enough unused new footage to take them through about another month.

"They will eek out what they can in terms of more shows," a source close to the situation told "Obviously they are not shooting anymore so they are taking what they have and seeing how many more episodes they can get out of it."

Jon Gosselin has told the network they no longer have his permission to film the children and TLC will not challenge that. If Jon changes, his mind, they will go into production on the new show, Kate Plus 8.

"TLC has no plans to film unless the situation is resolved," the source told

*On a personal note, I'm more and more disgusted by how it seems the media and society as whole anymore is rewarding dumbassery and stupid behavior instead of rewarding things that are worthwhile and actually help people. Not a good sign for us and there are too many examples to point to, such as that new Lamas family show, the Kardashians, Tool Academy, that really gross Antonio show, the Heene family balloon fuckery.....Srsly, more focus needs to be put on what is deserved, not disrespected.*

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