Monday, January 11, 2010

Tila Tequila Exclusive!!

Ok readers, your pal Spin has an exclusive about Tila Tequila from someone who went to high school with her in Houston, Texas! That's right bishes, Tila went to high school in Houston!

 According to my source, Tila then was a sweet girl, nice to hang with and hung out with the "in" asian fashion crowd. My source had nothing bad to say about her. Source said they knew Tila 3 years since Tila graduated a year before her. When I  asked what the source thought happened to her and my source said they really don't know, she used to be so nice.

 I also asked about Tila's claims of having been in juvie. My source said they weren't that close but had Tila been gone for an extended period for something like that, it would have been noticed.

 So there you go, kids! Is Tila a liar? Maybe now. Tweeker? Hanging out with Casey Johnson knowing she was an addict? Possible! what happened to the amicable, nice Tila? Did she kill that part of her with her myspace and mtv ambitions?

now Tila is claiming she is pregnant.  I feel sorry for her.

  1. I love Casey So much! Please stop with the NEGATIVE & let's remember how beautiful she was & to me
  2. Thank u everyone for your kind words. I am off to bedrest again now. I have let go of all anger inside of me. It feels so good! TTYL! xoxo
  3. My Wife has passed away and all I have left is the baby. I wish mean people can just respect the dead and respect a new life growing inside!
  4. The doctor i visited says that all this stress and negative people around me getting me upset, can affect the baby in a bad way. Pls stop.
  5. Let me know when you're all ready to see the old happy Tila back cuz I'm ready...Once ur all ready... I will tell u what the good news is!

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