Monday, March 8, 2010

O Gawd, another one?

Sorry kids, but I don't give a flying fuck about the Oscars.  Go ahead and hate.  The Oscars are just too predictable (even though I'm hypocritically quite happy that Christoph Waltz won for best supporting actor...he deserved it) and have once again, by what was picked for Best Picture, shown that accuracy is to never get in the way of outright emotionalism.  That's your key, kids: write a script that is full of emotional traps and explosions and you'll win an Oscar.

BTW, Fergie may be pregnant, at least according to Showbiz Spy:

FERGIE’s friends think she’s pregnant!

According to insiders, the Black Eyed Peas star — who’s married to actorJosh Duhamel — “has definitely got more tummy lately, and she’s certainly acting pregnant.”

“She suddenly cut out alcohol and is taking way better care of herself,” a source told American tabloid theNational Enquirer.

*How is she acting pregnant?  IDGI either*

Fergie and Josh are working hard on their marriage following revelations this past fall the Hollywood hunk carried on a wild fling with a stripper while filming in Atlanta.

“But since then, they’ve rededicated themselves to their marriage, and Fergie began to rebuild her trust in Josh,” disclosed the insider.

“A baby is their No. 1 priority to making a fresh start."

*Wait and see kids! Wait and see*

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