Monday, July 19, 2010

Ben Affleck cheating?

from MelvinKnows and is anyone really surprised? I've always thought that Jennifer got pregs on purpose to trap Ben:

This really breaks our hearts to write because we are big fans of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

BUT, we have it from five credible sources who claim that Ben started having an affair last year.

We also have an eyewitness on the record who has seen Ben and the girl in question (whose name we won’t reveal yet) disappear into his trailer frequently, and on one occasion she was in there for two hours and came out looking disheveled with her make up smudged and her hair all over the place.

The sources also tell us that Ben and his secret lover are still in contact via phone and text on a daily basis and in their own words: “It wasn’t just a one time instance of them sleeping together- it was an affair.”

If the sourcing on this story wasn’t so strong, we would have let it go, but unfortunately, the sources are impeccable.

Also, Jen has been suspicious for months and months now about this, and her instincts were right.

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