Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blind Item ;)

let us remember:  "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into heaven."

since this past week has been so interesting for megachurch christian leaders, I thought you'd find this Panache report blind pretty juicy:

These three black celebrity men are the secretive owners of a kinky sex club located in the Dirty South. One of the men is “a man of the cloth,” who has appeared on TV frequently.
This man of the cloth is considered a “big trick” among strippers because he will pay all the bills of his favorite stripper even if she lives with a man.
The other two men are former athletes. Hint: The two former athletes played in two different sports fields-excluding the NBA and the NFL.”

*This blind item is a continuation of a prior blind item, follow the clues!

We’ve all heard the term, living a “double life.”  This man was living a triple life!

He’s married, and he’s also dating another stripper-on the side. He has her rolling in a silver Range Rover, he gave her $30,000 to put down on a residence in Buckhead and he keeps her on a weekly allowance of $4,000.  He also paid for her to attend cosmetology school in the daytime.  I wonder does he know about her cop boyfriend?

If that’s not enough, our famous man also likes young men, if they’re reluctant, he sets up a gay-for-pay situation for them. He’s known to get down with the rough neck thug types on occasion as well.

He’s also been spotted patronizing the male hustler stroll in the dirty south as well as the hustler stroll in Los Angeles.
His fantasy: To have a harem of young men at his beck and call.

Last year, he took a trip to Jamaica with two young men in tow.  They hit a sex club and a popular nude beach.  Later, another man joined the party, this man has been suspected of being a money launderer. From there, the party of four flew back to the dirty south to attend a workshop. The two older men acted like predators as they swooned over the young handsome men in attendance.

He’s also known in the Caribbean and the Dominican Republic, he’s always on the prowl for good looking young men.  He also has a reputation among gay adult stars.

Are two members of this secret society-men of the cloth? If so, who are they?

*figured it out yet?  Myra Panache says she has a lot of dirt on this dirty get yer popcorn kids!  there's gonna be a show!*

UPDATE:  is somebody planning to step aside?  I don't think it'll stop the lawsuits!!

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