Sunday, October 2, 2005

So....a week after Rita....

For a few days there we had power, then we didn't have power....It was horribly hot! I think the power issue has finally been resolved, we havn't lost it for about two days so i think we'll be ok....

my favorite highlights from the weather channel:

-being told it was time to "hunker down"...I guess that was the theme for this huricane, "hunker down." What a stupid phrase.

-Having our friend yell at the TV every time Stephanie Abrams came on, to "take off your top!!!" That was really funny. We kept telling him he wasn't yelling loudly enough, after all, she was in Galveston.

-Watching Jim Cantore make fun of Houston traffic at a standstill. "They're moving at about a quarter of a mile per hour, I can walk that! Watch!" That was classic. I was rolling on the floor. Oh, and I appreciated the fact that jim Cantore actually pronounced "quarter" correctly. That's bonus points in my book.

I finally got to start at my job, I very much enjoy it. I just hope we can get the computer issues worked out.

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