Friday, November 18, 2005

The Spin view

I can't exactly explain why the whole David Ludwig & Kara Borden situation bothers me so much, but it does. Here's my take:

18 year-old-boys (and I deliberatly use BOY here because there are many much more mature 18-year-olds out there who hold jobs, support themselves, better their educations, even serve in the military......are actually productive people) who mess with 14-year-old girls have something mentally wrong with them, like they still see themselves as that age instead of being a budding adult. A lot of being an adult is taking responsibility for yourself, your life and your actions. This kid must live in a fantasy world where he can do whatever he wants without a negative consequence or care. How ego-centric and sick. Picking up a gun to shoot your girlfriend's parents isn't love, that is psychotic. Murder is very real and very permanent. What a way to enter reality and watch your fantasyland go up in smoke.

14 year-old girls who play sex games like sending naked pictures of themselves to others are no longer children. Sex is the dividing line and if a child makes the decision to cross that, they are wide open to all the upset, pain (emotional and physical), disease, weirdness and everything else that goes with it. Again, being an adult means you are responsible for yourself, mommy & daddy no longer are responsible for saving you. Sex games can lead to pregnancy and that's VERY real.....they can also lead to rejections that you're not ready for. I think she was involved in what happened but had no idea how far it could go. This girl will never be a child again, childhood is over.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that sex itself is bad. Sex is wonderful and fabulous, one of the many great things of being an adult. I'm a great fan. But sex belongs in the realm of the adult, not childhood. You should really consider what you are getting into before diving in.

What were they thinking, that they could kill and just drive away to be together forever? That's just.....stupid. And immature on a massive scale. What a huge lesson in foresight.

Feel free to hurl the abuse he deserves here:

And that's the Spin Sycle.

Final Rinse: Hope he gets life, death is too easy for him and I hope she gets her act together, she may have to serve time as well, perhaps as an ADULT.

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