Friday, October 13, 2006

*Cackling laughter and wiping of tears*

ok, ok....I almost feel sorry for Brandon Davis....

Now I'm laughing again...


off of Janet Charlton's Hollywood:

We heard rumors that when billionaire oil mogul Marvin Davis died, he left his family in financial ruin and now we're starting to see proof.

The family matriarch Barbara Davis sold her mansion, The Knoll, in Beverly Hills and she's now living in a rental in Coldwater Canyon. Her daughter Nancy - Brandon Davis's mother- was also forced to sell her Bel Air home and she downsized.

Brandon doesn't drive and he no longer has limos every night - he has to depend on rides from Paris Hilton, with whom he's living. What's more, Brandon was seen flying COACH to Las Vegas on Southwest recently.

Brandon and his brother Jason have had trouble getting into the hot LA club Hyde but they finally wangled their way in last week. How embarrassing - when Jason tried to use his credit card to pay the $80.00 bar tab, it was DECLINED!

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