Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Strange & Perverted

But this makes sense...Is Mark Foley, the Florida congressman who was busted for messing with teenage pages, a $cientologist? After all, they encourage messing with minors....and for the record, I am hardly condoning his actions or letting the guy off the hook, what he did was very inappropriate, ESPECIALLY for a public figure, but C'MON, we all know that teenagers just aren't that innocent....and having cybersex is not that big of a deal. Really. Ok, maybe it is during a vote.


off of defamer.com:

Foley sent his “Gone to Detox Mansion” fax from Clearwater, Florida. Are there any rehab joints there that aren’t run by Scientology? Remember, that’s the same cult that says they can ‘cure’ homosexuality ….Let’s investigate, after the jump.

Clearwater is known as the town Scientology built … or at least the town Scientology almost completely redeveloped. Clearwater is also home to Narconon, L. Ron Hubbard’s homemade rehab program.

And it turns out Foley was no stranger in Clearwater.

At a 2003 Scientology meeting, Foley gave a speech and was photographed happily accepting “leatherbound copies of Dianetics and The Way to Happiness.”

In 1999, Foley joined three other Scientology-friendly politicians in condemning Germany for outlawing Scientology — German law is very strict about cults, because of previous problems.

The Clearwater Scientologists also held a fund-raiser for Foley’s aborted Senate run; he dropped out after the gay thing was mentioned.

And on Friday, the Creative Loafing blog in Tampa reported that Foley attended a Scientology gala in Los Angeles five years ago.

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