Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Here we go! *rolls eyes*

The trash talk has begun!


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Now it's his turn: Kid Rock's friends say that he had to end his marriage to Pam Anderson because he was sick and tired of taking care of their kids -- while Pam would stay out 'til all hours.

Yesterday, it emerged that Pam couldn't deal with her rocker hubby's anger and insecurity issues, including a public blow-up at a private screening of "Borat," as Page Six reported. Today, friends of Kid (real name: Bob Ritchie) tell the Post that once he moved to L.A. from Detroit to be with Pam, Bob found himself constantly at home with his son (and Pam's two boys with Tommy Lee), while Pam was out carousing almost every night.

Ritchie's friends also say that he suspected that there wasn't really a miscarriage, as Pam claims, because he had never heard from her or anyone else that she was pregnant. Whatever the case, say the rocker's pals, "Pamela doesn't have the money in the relationship – he does." Pam's reps say she is "a wonderful mother" and "absolutely had a miscarriage."

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