Sunday, March 18, 2007

In case you hadn't heard...

Strange new developments in the ANS baby-daddy trial....We're on the rollercoaster, the part where you're going slooooowly up the big hill, about to screech down the other side as we all anxiously await the DNA testing!!

This from SplashNewsOnline:

A Bahamian judge has ruled that there will be a DNA test to settle the paternity of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter Dannielynn.

The judge has ordered all parties to court on Tuesday for the DNA hearing. No word if the DNA samples from Larry Birkhead, Howard K. Stern and Dannielynn have already been submitted or if they will submit samples on Tuesday.

Also off of SplashNewsOnline and I find terribly interesting:

Larry Birkhead’s lawyer, Debra Opri has quit! She issued a statement saying “Larry Birkhead and I have terminated our attorney-client relationship effective immediately.”

Wow, reportedly the two have butt heads often over the last few weeks and speculation has run from the amount of money Opri is being paid to how certain information concerning the case is leaking to the media.

Talk about short notice to get a new lawyer.

Personally, I find Birkhead to be just as sleazy as the rest of them.

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