Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Here we go again. Another IVF baby for TomKat? My, Katie's fertile, isn't she! I suppose the gay midget wants a male heir to his craziness, not a female.


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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes may be expecting a visit from the stork sometime soon.TMZ has learned that a TomKat confidante went to trendy West Hollywood baby boutique Petit Tresor last week, looking for four "scenarios" for a boy's nursery. The TomKat friend was overheard saying, "We want to be prepared for a baby boy."

We're told the interested themes for the room were: sports, nursery rhyme, cartoon and the color blue. The estimated cost for the eggshell blue-themed room alone is $45,000 -- and would include a custom-made blue and white antique crib, blue bedding and blue walls with floating clouds.

The shop was also given a deadline of April 15, three days before Suri's first birthday, to come up with the designs.

the Cruises are expecting a little brother for Suri in the near future, the question is: Will he be biological or come via a Third World shopping trip?

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