Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fun Fun Funtime!!!

Here's a coupla blind items I found, all from various places like gossip rocks, EL, etc....

A) She is a famous (retired) singer. He is a famous, popular actor. Both are living in London. Both are American. In the past they used to spent wild hours together when her husband was gone. Their affair almost came to light trough a weird incident that involved a cell phone, a dog and a group of teens. After this the couple cooled things off. But when they recently reconnected on the dance floor the singer’s husband first almost came to blows with the actor, then when the singer defended the actor and refused to leave with her husband, he took a livid, shouting they were through. Hint : She’s a material girl. *Hmmm....who's the actor?*

B) While it seems that everyday there are new accusations leveled at Britney Spears about her child raising skills, and the fact that Protective Services seems to live at her house, the reality is that she is not the only celebrity to have faced an investigation from Protective Services. This award winning television actress on a long running hit show was A list for several years and now she is doing the slow slide to B list and the inevitable Love Boat when it returns. Oh, yes it will return. Anyway, she and her husband have not always been the model parents. Seems that the grandparents have basically taken over all parenting because our actress and her husband would often forget to feed their infant, leave him/her for an hour or two while they went and ate lunch or dinner, and would never change the diaper leading to severe rashes. After two visits from CPS, the grandparents promised to take over the duties and are always with the baby except during photo ops when our actress makes the world believe she is a much better parent than reality.

Very interesting! So its a married with a child TV actress from a long running hit show that I would take to be not on anymore since she's sliding to B list.....

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