Sunday, October 14, 2007

America's Most Smartest Model

If you havn't seen this show, you are missing a gem!!! Ben Stein (whom I worship) is one of the hosts for this lovely little exercise to show that some model, somewhere, has enough brains to show that not all models are stupid.

In this competition, the models were asked to do a runway walk while reciting as many items as they could for the category given. For Mandy Lynn, (future porn star, I hate her lips, to me is just giant walking lips because I can't see the rest of I'll just call her Lips), her category was "things that are round" and...well, you just have to watch this, it has to be the most entertaining part of the whole dammm show.....I want Lips to stay just because she makes me laugh my ass off!!!

Clik on the headline for the experience!

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