Thursday, January 31, 2008

Katie beginning to crack?

had a dream last night, oddly enough, about Katie Holmes and how she was tricked into living in a gilded cage, not realizing that she had been bribed to have whatever she wanted except that she'd have to give up her life, her dreams, her own self to have it....and that she was starting to buckle under the pressure of having to be perfect and never speak out in public.

from Celebitchy:

Word on the street is that Katie Holmesbot might actually be rebelling a bit against her keeper. By street, I mean internet superhighway. Does anyone call it that anymore? Well let’s pretend so. And by keeper, I mean husband Tom Cruise. “Mad Money,” Katie’s first movie since Tom jumped into her life – isn’t doing so well at the box office. Or with the critics. Basically, it royally sucks. I’m not sure how a film with the sensible casting of Queen Latifah, Diane Keaton, and Katie Holmes could possibly go wrong. Oh yeah, make it a girly-bonding bank caper. Because nothing gets women to the theater in droves like a good heist.

Apparently Katie’s a little pissed at Tom – who encouraged her to do “Mad Money.” I think even the most desperate, starting-out-in-the-world-young-actress would be pretty mad if they were stuck in this film. You’d think with Tom running a movie studio… and being Tom Cruise… he would have given her better advice. Or at least bribed someone else into putting her into a better film. Between the “Mad Money” embarrassment and Tom amping up the crazy Scientology rantings – via video, no less – Katie’s supposedly reaching her boiling point.

A distraught Katie Holmes has stormed out of a crisis meeting with her husband Tom Cruise, furious over damaging publicity about his Scientology beliefs, and humiliated over the disastrous reaction to the movie he told her to make.

The actress is said to be inconsolable after a string of leaked Scientology videos, featuring her husband saluting a portrait of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, declaring war on psychiatry and claiming that members of his religion are “the only ones who can really help” accident victims, have flooded the Internet and divided Hollywood.

“Oh, I’m going hard on those guys and their reign … psychiatrists,” says Tom in one disturbing video. “It’s disgusting to me. No mercy … none. Psychiatry doesn’t work… When you study the effects, it’s a crime against humanity.” … after this new scandal she can no longer ignore the Hollywood backlash.

[From Woman’s Day]

To be fair, Katie really shouldn’t have been ignoring the “Hollywood backlash” for a long time. The backlash is there because your husband is cray-to-the-z. I really doubt Katie Holmes finds Tom’s mental health issues adorable. I’m guessing at first she thought he was a little intense, but relatively charming and still Tom Cruise. Then the next thing she knows there’s a ton of press and hoopla and everyone who was close to forgetting about the girl from “Dawson’s Creek” suddenly remembered her again, and that was pretty enticing. So what if your husband ruins all the furniture jumping around like an under-medicated eight-year-old? You’ve got the money to replace the cushions. But when your A-list husband tells you to do a B-movie, that’s where you draw the line. I think “Mad Money” pretty much confirmed that Katie has completely sacrificed her career to be with Tom. Next goes the sanity. In other news, it sounds like Katie might be pregnant. This past weekend she bought a t-shirt that says “Big Sister” (ostensibly) for Suri, along with two matching onsies which said “Little Sister” and “Little Brother.” Let’s hope they’re for Nicole Kidman.

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