Saturday, February 2, 2008

This made me ROFL

See what happens when you get too greedy? from handbag gossip:

New mum Christina Aguilera has lost a lucrative magazine deal for pictures with new son Max because of demands for more money.

Christina Aguilera

It is believed that Dirrty singer Christina Aguilera has blown a chance of a lucrative shoot with new song Max for America's OK Magazine because of her demands for money and more space on the cover. MSNBC's The Scoop claims that Xtina was angry that the magazine wasn't going to give the story a full cover and that her demands for money blew the deal.

Their source said, "Christina has an inflated sense of her own value and seems to expect an extortionate amount of money for these baby pictures. I'm not sure OK! or much of the industry thinks is a dollar figure that's worth it. She hasn't proven to be a real seller.”

The source also claims that Christina is also demanding any magazine that runs her baby photos cannot run Nicole Richie's baby photos. Xtina can't stand the girl!

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