Tuesday, February 12, 2008

*Points & Laughs*

TMZ is LIVE at the Lost Hills Sheriff's Station, where Barron Hilton (Paris' little bro), is expected to be released on $5000 bail any minute! Lil' H was busted for DUI early this morning in Malibu. When he finally gets his first taste of freedom, we'll be there -- LIVE!

So your family has a gazillion bucks and you can't post $20,000 bail. That really blows.

Barron Hilton is rotting away, waiting to get released. Paris won't bail him out, so his friends came to do it. But there's a snag. Barron's buds showed up with $2,000 cash, assuming they only had to pay 10%. They assumed they could take the 10% to the Sheriff and spring their friend, but the Sheriff doesn't provide discounts -- only a bail bondsman will take a William Morris percentage.

So now Barron's buds are off looking for a bail bondsman. Hey Barron, we hear the meatloaf dinners are excellent. Tastes like chicken.

(Barron Hilton walked out of jail at around 5:50 PM PT, covering his head with a jacket. He got into the back of a silver car, which was escorted out by a Sheriff's vehicle.

As we first reported, his sis told him to take a hike when he called her to help bail him out, so his buddies had to call in a bail bondsman.

Families man, they're all the same!)

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