Saturday, February 16, 2008

This made me LOL


Let's face it, the Spears family are inbred retards, and just in case you thought Jamie Lynn got pregnant on accident, sorry. Turns out she's just a whore. A source tells Star:

I know for a fact that Casey was not the first guy she slept with -- or the last," says one fellow teen in Kentwood, La. "There were at least two others. I know that 110 percent." Another friend says that before her pregnancy Jamie Lynn partied hard but always in private. "Some people drink to have a good time. But she drank to get wrecked. She drank to get messed up and forget about her mother, her sister and all of that." Just days before announcing her pregnancy in December, Jamie Lynn shocked a boy at a party by asking him for sex. "It's cool, I'm pregnant," she said. "I can't get pregnant again!"

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