Thursday, March 13, 2008

Houston Rodeo

I promised to tell you how it was, especially the John Fogerty concert!!! I'm really tired so I'll try to make this as concise and accurate as possible.

First the was so much fun, I highly recommend the V.I.P. section to see anything, if you can get it, it's very comfortable and you can see everything. There are TV's if you want close ups or you can watch from your seat and see it all from above. The calf roping, bronco and bull riding was the BEST. I could so without the fireworks indoors though, that seemed a little showy, in my opinion. I like my fireworks outdoors against a nighttime sky, not indoors. The bathrroms were nice, too. The Houston Rodeo is like the Superbowl of rodeos and is the most fun to watch. It made me almost wonder what Rome was like with the coliseum and games, but without the brutality of killing.

John Fogerty.....go see this man's show, if you can. It was great, a pure rock n roll without all the flash, crap and dancing. You really don't need that sort of thing when you are a master of your musical medium, love to play and perform. It shows through your music and is a joy to watch. I felt transported back to when I was in school, doing my homework in the evening with the radio on, he played all the songs that I had ever heard him do. Funny how it strikes you when you know every single one but didn't realize it! The stage rotated so everyone got a chance to see, along with huge TV screens above so you didn't miss a moment. It was truly a magical musical experience. Go see him, I don't think you'll see many more shows that are purely just about the music! He sounded great, he still has the magic, his voice still rocks!

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