Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pop Fiction done already?

you know, you can only fool ppl, especially the paps, for so long before they catch on....and it seems Ashton K. already shot his best wad. from Janet Charlton's:

To Ashton Kutcher's dismay, no one was fooled by Audrina Patridge's contrived visit to the Black Wave tattoo shop. To his credit, Ashton did manage to get another publicity hungry celebrity to cooperate for his Pop Fiction show. (He sets up photo ops and hopes gossip mags or websites will jump to conclusions)

A mob of paparazzi followed Audrina to the tattoo parlor and she emerged with an arm full of Asian lettering which will no doubt wash off in the next few days. This time the paparazzi guessed right away it was a set-up, but the photos are fun, anyway. With nobody falling for his lame stunts, what will happen to Pop Fiction?

audrinacutwenn09544.jpgPhoto: WENN

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