Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Katie Holmes having the life sucked out of her!

But when did you not know that since she got chained to the crazy midget?


The pressure of being a robot wife with no independent thought is apparently too much for Katie Holmes as she has been reportedly suffering from dizzy spells and debilitating headaches for weeks. Although the cause of these blackouts and fainting spells is unknown, sources say that Katie Holmes, even though very thin, wants to be skinnier and is obsessed with dieting. Star Magazine reports:

When Katie recently lunched at her favorite restaurant, L.A.'s Joan's on Third, it was obvious that something was terribly wrong. She seemed exhausted, her skin was pale, and she looked feeble and emaciated. "She gave us a weak smile and wave before leaving out the back door," says an eyewitness at the restaurant. Once outside, a confused and unsteady Katie braced herself against the doorframe before her bodyguard carefully guided her into a waiting SUV."

However, the main reason for Katie Holmes' health problems appears to be Tom Cruise himself. With his high energy and intensity coupled with his exacting nature, Holmes appears to be crumbling under Cruise's unrealistic expectations:

To complicate matters even further, while Tom goes off for days at a time ("His rule is 'You can be with me, but don't ask about it,'" says a source), Katie is overseeing the interior design of their lavish $35 million Beverly Hills mansion. "To him, the home is a status symbol," says a source, "so it's on Katie's shoulders to pull off something beyond magnificent, something Tom can brag about. She's giving herself headaches thinking about it and making herself sick."

Man, poor Katie. Headaches? A $35 million mansion? When oh when will God deliver her from this suffering?

*In other words, "you can be with me but don't ask my pillow-biter about it"*

Here's more from Star Magazine:

Dizzy spells like this have become a frighteningly common occurrence for Katie over the past few weeks. As one source explains to Star, Katie has been suffering from splitting headaches that make her see black spots and feel faint. Another problem? Her weight. Although she's already rail thin, she feels pressure to be even slimmer and is obsessive about dieting.

Katie may never admit it, but sources say her superstar husband may be contributing to the debilitating headaches. His high energy is often hard to keep up with — and that, paired with her intense need to live up to his expectations, is really taking its toll, both mentally and physically.

"Katie doesn't get enough sleep — and hasn't for months now," says one insider. "She's tired and drained much of the day because Tom is so wired, and they stay awake until after midnight. He has boundless energy, and she just can't compete."

*LOL at Joel walking out on Nicole on the cover*

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