Tuesday, March 18, 2008


from handbag gossip:

Madonna and Guy Ritchie are to split after eight years of marriage sources claim.Guy Ritchie and Madonna are set to split after "falling out of love with each other" sources have told the News Of The World. The paper claims the couple plan to officilly announce their split in 18 months time to give Madonna the chance to finish the PR for her new album and for the couple to divise a suitable press strategy. "Madonna and Guy are over. It's all very amicable. They've just fallen out of love with each other. They just think it's for the best as after some great years together they've been going their separate ways. Guy has failed to show up at events which are important to Madge. He just hasn't taken as much interest as he has previously in what she's doing."

*Maybe it was just too much pushiness on her part forcing the David adoption, wanting her way and not considering Guy's feelings*

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