Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lilo's looking rough

from ONTD:

Back in the Big Apple, Lindsay Lohan enjoyed a night on the town - checking out BFF Samantha Ronson’s performance at Hawaiian Tropic Zone on Saturday night (April 19).

The Mean Girls actress posed for pictures and offered up the “peace” sign before heading behind the DJ booth to chat it up with Ronson.

Meanwhile, Lohan recently became vocal about her displeasure with her father’s constant desire to speak to the media about her.

During a radio show appearance, Lindsay said: “I just wish he wouldn’t go and talk to the media. It’s not attractive to me, it really upsets me and I wish he would stop. I love my father. I just don’t know why he’s doing what he’s doing. It’s a weird situation, very odd.”

The 21-year-old redhead’s comments came after her 47-year-old father “expressed his displeasure with his daughter’s management team for not permitting her to accompany him on a missionary trip to India.”

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