Friday, April 18, 2008

Posh gets PWND!!!

soooo sweet, so funny! from foxnews:

LOS ANGELES — Following reports that high-end boutiques have pulled Victoria Beckham's denim line DVB Style, the British beauty and her fashion publicist made an emergency appearance at Kitson boutique in West Hollywood on Tuesday afternoon.

According to eyewitnesses, the former Spice Girl left notably shaken and teary after being told off by Kitson owner Fraser Ross.

"First of all, she came half an hour late, no call or anything. I'm a busy person — don't know who she thinks she is," Ross told Tarts. "I told her that she needed to grow up and realize that you can't just have a line and not support it. Other celebrities do trunk shows and meet customers — she and her fashion publicist Jason needed to be told why her line isn't selling."

Ross (who claims to have spent $100,000 investing in Posh's collection) said this was the first time in nine months she had "bothered" to meet with him and that numerous stockists in Europe also had dumped DVB.

"She (Beckham) told me that designing is what she still wants to be doing in 25 years, but unless she lifts her game, her time in this city will be short-lived," Ross added. "She lives 10 minutes from the store yet is happy to go off shopping at Barneys and all these other places but seems to think she's too good to support the people who support her."

Ouch. But this certainly isn't the first design dilemma in which the pop princess has been embroiled. Becks designed a line for jeans giants Rock and Republic, but after a reportedly bitter battle with the company in 2006 she left to launch her own rival line.

"Her reputation was damaged after all of that, and I was the one who helped her and found her the manufacturer," Ross claimed.

But even though Vic apparently was "very receptive to making changes" after the scolding, she still wouldn't totally succumb.

Apparently, Ross asked her to "show her support" by strutting out with a Kitson bag — but that didn't go down well with our Posh.

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