Wednesday, May 21, 2008


No! You don't say! Who had the call on this?

Well what do we have here? Extremely reliable sources close to Mr. Raymond himself have confirmed to that Usher has indeed filed for separation from his wife of only 9 months Tameka Raymond. I’m told he actually filed three weeks ago. And Usher is torn on whether he will be making an official announcement or not as he wants to save face and just let it “leak”. How convenient that his album releases in exactly 6 days, his second video hit the net today, and his album leaked yesterday. We’ve been here before with the pre-album release publicity stunts (remember the Chilli breakup right before Confessions?). So I’m really not surprised.

But it is interesting that Mrs. Raymond was just on set with Usher for his MTV snippet tapings on Sunday. At the very beginning of their relationship almost a year ago, sources were screaming left and right that this whole relationship was a sham and Tameka was strictly a pawn. And their relationship was all for publicity for his soon to be released album. And clearly this may not have been as far fetched as people thought.

At this time, it’s unclear as to what reason–if any–Ursh is going to give for their separation. But I have two guesses…both of which fit the classic Usher-pre-album-release-publicity stunts he has pulled before with previous album releases. Either the beef between the Mrs. and Mama Ursh is too much for Usher to handle, or he found out baby Usher V is not his. Regardless, Urshmeka is chillin’ on Splitsville Lane right now and time will only tell how this is all about to play out.


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