Wednesday, May 21, 2008

*Points & Laughs*

from Celebslam:

Nick Hogan is not doing well in jail
Nick Hogan is not doing well in jail

According to Nick Hogan’s friends, he is not doing well in jail. Earlier this month, Nick started serving an 8 month sentence at the Pinellas County Jail in Florida for a street-racing crash that left his friend John Graziano permanently disabled. Hogan’s friend told the New York Post:

“Nick’s doing really bad. He’s struggling to even form a sentence. They have him in a cell by himself, isolated from the general population, because of threats. He didn’t understand how awful jail really is
until now.” (Source)

In Nick’s defense, it is difficult to “form a sentence” when your cellmate’s given you lock-jaw. Burn!

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