Saturday, May 10, 2008


Another celebrity marriage has hit the skids.

Liv Tyler and her husband, musician Royston Langdon, are splitting, reports People.

"Liv Tyler and Royston Langdon have confirmed their separation," says the actress' rep. "They remain good friends and devoted parents to their son Milo and are requesting that their family's privacy be respected at this time."

Tyler, 30, and Langdon, 36, married in March 2003 in Barbados. Their son Milo William Langdon was born in December 2004 in New York.

Langdon is a British rocker in the band Spacehog.

*I was wondering because all the recent vacation pics of Liv showed her with friends and not hubby...Also, I understand this was the answer to a Lainey BI

Holiday Detox

Some stars you look at with blinders on. She is for me one of those stars. But the glassy eyes are hard to excuse. And the thinnification too. Thinnification to get back to work and in her case assisted by good old cocaine which she apparently did in copious amounts on sets through summer and fall to stay alert and focused and un-hungry. Which is apparently always something she’s dabbled in, only before she was able to actually stop between gigs.

This time however, even though she’s wrapped, she’s taken to taking it home, wreaking havoc in her family life and bringing on serious bouts of depression. After a particularly painful episode with a very young, very innocent witness, she finally went for help. The good news is she knows she needs to stop. And she has a supportive partner behind her. Word is, to avoid public scandal, she’s fighting the beast at home during the holidays under professional supervision.

Wonderful news indeed.

"The two spent a very long holiday together this past Christmas with their son Milo after which she emerged much healthier looking than before she left."

to try to soften the blow, here's Spacehog's In the Meantime:*

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