Saturday, June 21, 2008


Jamie Lynn Spears spawned another Spears girl. *yawn* Teen pregnancies are so boring. Somebody should slap her for the name choice, Madison Brianna would have been better.

from Ass-kissing, kneepad wearing People:

There is a new baby in the Spears clan! Jamie Lynn Spears and her fiancé Casey Aldridge welcomed a baby girl Thursday morning.

PEOPLE confirms exclusively that the baby was named Maddie Briann

"Just the family was there," says a source about the birth around 9:30 a.m. at a hospital in Mississippi, near her Louisiana hometown. "Everyone is healthy and happy."

Jamie Lynn's sister Britney, father Jamie and brother Bryan flew in Wednesday to be with her for the birth; her mother Lynne had been with her helping her get ready for the baby.

Since announcing her pregnancy in December, Britney’s little sister has retreated from the bright lights of Hollywood, opting for the comforts of her hometown of Kentwood, La.

and in other boring Spears news, from handbag gossip:

A shocking new book claims Britney Spears has tried to kill herself twice in the last 18 months.

A shocking new book claims Britney Spears has tried to kill herself twice in the last 18 months.Britney Spears attempted suicide twice in the last 18 months, a shocking new book claims. Award winning journalist Ian Halperin spent the last year and a half undercover posing as a paparazzo to "get close to Spears and her inner circle of managers and friends". Halperin told Life And Style Weekly of the singer's two apparent suicide bids and claims her problems are fuelled by drugs and the company she keeps. "I saw a lot. I partied with her and was able to really monitor what type of stuff she was using. It's very concerning," he explains. "But the book is mainly about her handlers, how sleazy and destructive they are towards her. The people around her are like vultures. She's on major medications. And she's being micro-managed and controlled to the extreme by her parents, the courts and a huge team of doctors and handlers. I think she's in danger of a catastrophic relapse." It's not all bad though, the journalist, who's written books on Kurt Cobain and Celine Dion, did say, "She's basically a good person. She's actually a very caring mom."

*why are all books promoted as being "shocking".....none of this really surprises me*

and from digital spy:

Britney Spears's mum has revealed that her popstar daughter wants to leave California and "return to Louisiana".

Since rising to fame a decade ago, Spears has spent most of her time away from her Kentwood, Louisiana hometown.

According to Us Magazine, a declaration from Lynne Spears to the LA Superior Court said: "Britney has spent a majority of her time over the last five years in the state of California due in part to work but primarily with respect to a custody dispute currently ongoing."

Spears's ex husband Kevin Federline currently has primary custody of their two sons, Jayden James and Sean Preston.

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