Saturday, June 21, 2008

Courtney Love, WTF?

Is she back on the hoss? shootin the smack? I mean really, how else would she be so damm skinny AND pale like death? She honestly looks like she's ready to step right into her grave.

from Mail Online:

Halloween may be months off, but Courtney Love did a good job of frightening onlookers with her ghoulish appearance in LA yesterday. (6/19)

The singer's deathly pale skin drew gasps as she stepped out for a shopping trip in Malibu in a 1920s see-through lace dress, as did her painfully frame.

Her once Rubenesque figure has been reduced to just skin and bone, sparking concerns over her health.

Love's weight has long been the focus of attention - she lost 52 pounds last year on a strict diet of shakes combined with minimal fish and vegetables.

She denied reports gastric bypass surgery and liposuction aided her initial transformation.
Now it appears emotional strain is to blame - Courtney recently revealed she was feeling suicidal after the ashes of her husband, Nirvana's Kurt Cobain disappeared from her home.

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