Tuesday, September 23, 2008

And in Other News....

Maybe the world is coming to an end. Hurricanes, Stock Market Crash, teen pregnancy being socially acceptable...now this shit:

From INO:

People Magazine has the issue of the year with Clay Aiken and his newborn son on the front cover with the big headline, "Yes, I'm Gay!". I know it's hard for so many to come "out of the closet", so I wish Clay only the best in his career and with his new little family. His son Parker was born August 8th in North Carolina to Clay's close friend, Jayme.

*well, DUH*

and from IDLYITW:

Samantha Ronson was a call in guest to Loveline the other night where she talked about the Travis Barker and DJ AM plane crash. Blah, blah, blah, nobody cares, blah, then she handed the phone to Lindsay Lohan who also blah blah then Stryker asks Lindsay point blank how she and Samantha have been dating. Lindsay says, ""A very long time." This is only interesting because despite overwhelming evidence, Lindsay has never acknowledged that she is actually in a relationship with Ronson.


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