Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hey folks, this is Spin! I am back at work, so that is how I am coming to you!!! won't be able to post much...see, where I am, I am one of many Entergy ppl who lost power and water in the storm! Seems the main power plant was flooded and destroyed so Spin here may not have power or water for a month, maybe 6 weeks since they have to rebuild everything. I am fine, my peeps are fine, our house took no damage, so I can deal. At work, they'll let me use the shower. dunno what will happen when it comes time to do laundry or dishes but I suppose some sort of answer will appear.

Anyhow, just letting all my FAB readers know what's going on, things may be a bit sporadic! Oh yeah, FEMA is back on my good side since they are getting their shit together and getting the PODs up and running.

update 4:05 cdt: my energy company projects that I'll have power back about Sept. 29

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