Monday, September 8, 2008

The VMA's

Frankly, it's all a big "whatever" to me. Always has been. I wasn't going to post anything about it. I thought everyone knew what a load of crap it all was since they rigged it in the '80's just to give Micheal Jackson recognition for all the money he made mtv. Where's Madonna's tribute? She made them a shitload! But I do agree with Courtney Love here:

Courtney Love has taken to her Myspace blog to rant about last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, and says that even the fact that her buddy Russell Brand was presenting didn’t entice her into going.

“I didnt go to the "VMAS" as we used to call them but theyve gotten so fucking Urban i dont know i guess Van Toffler thought ( hes an exec at MTV ) he was being edgy and he WAS by letting my darkling prince Brand host the mtv awards- but theyre not the "VMAS" and they never will be again,” rants Love.

After blasting the ceremony for its urban content, Love tore into clean-living heartthrobs The Jonas Brothers for wearing ‘promise’ rings to proclaim they are preserving their virginity.

“ i had ZERO desire to watch let alone go and thats one of my very favourite people ive ever known or had the honour of being friends and fiends with hosting it so i feel horribly rude that my desire not to watch assholes with chastity rings- oh for fucks sake ive had some great conversations but not ONE has ever ended in an Orgasm, y'all need some pussy and some cock and shut the hell up-“

Last night’s MTV Video Music Awards were introduced by Britney Spears, who went on to win three awards for her 'Piece Of Me' video: Best Female Video, Best Pop Video and Video Of The Year.

Spears appeared calm and relaxed at the ceremony, a far cry from last year’s botched comeback performance which reportedly saw her run offstage in tears.

The full picture gallery of MTV Video Music Awards photos from the night can be seen here on NME.COM.


*rock and roll has been killed by a bunch of wannabe acne-faced virgin-touting talentless assholes who never listened to the Rolling stones, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy, Ramones, the Clash or any other defining rock artist. They have no clue what true rock and roll is. But the VMA's were always full of shit. Then again, it's not the teen choice awards and it's not the BET video awards, so WTF? Truly we have become culturally bankrupt. It's not supposed to be safe, it's not supposed to be parent approved. Fuk this safe music/show shit, where's the real music and scene at? When did Musak become pop?*

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