Saturday, October 4, 2008

Britney News...

I found this on, of all places,

Now that Britney Spears has seemingly been free of drugs and scuzzy males for a little while, her parents are hoping to make the rebirth stick by banning her from having sex for the next six months. Spears (left, in another life) has never been romantically linked to a decent man in her adult life, and that might have something to do with her parents' crap treatment of her as a fleshy commodity when she was still a kid, so one could imagine their happiest daydream lately is a celibate, childlike Britney in the body of a grown woman.

A friend tells Now, “Jamie and Lynne feel she’s so close to cracking the big time again that they don’t want anything to get in her way.

“They’re desperate to ensure that it won’t happen again. Their worst nightmare is that she gets involved with someone else who’s just trying to use her for her money or to further their own career.”

[Entertainmentwise via OhNoTheyDidn't]

In other Spears news, Britney's sister, Jamie Lynn, 17, reportedly just broke up with the father of her four-month-old daughter.

*and here's the Jamie Lynn story......wasn't there something recently about her moving to L.A. to be closer to her sister?*

By Christi Hall
Oct 3, 2008

It has been a turbulent time for Jamie Lynn Spears. Less than four months after the birth of their daughter, Maddie, Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge are calling it quits, reports Life & Style Weekly. "Romantically, there is nothing left between them," says a Spears family insider. "Jamie Lynn hoped that having Maddie would settle Casey down, but the cheating scandal finally hit home."
Jamie Lynn Spears Still Battling With Baby Daddy

As previously reported by the weekly entertainment magazine complete with pictures of a woman named, Kelli Dawson and she claimed she had a fling with Casey while Jamie Lynn was pregnant. Casey said that is wrong and he has denied he's cheated, the magazine reports.

And though Casey's pals tell Jamie Lynn, 17, that he does love her, they say his feelings are "not enough for him to commit to being a husband," adds the insider. Will they patch things up and ever make it to the altar?

The magazine claims that Casey, 19, is no longer living in the couple's Liberty, Miss., home. "He's welcome to see Maddie whenever he wants, but that's it," says the insider. "Her family isn't unhappy about it. Everybody on Jamie Lynn's side is tired of making excuses. They had to do it for years with Kevin [Federline, Britney's ex]!"

*Jamie Lynn is still a dumbass, even if the little fucktrophy isn't Casey's*

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