Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Rachel Zoe Project

So, I did what I told myself I would never do, I watched the Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo. Mainly, I watched it because I was bored out of my skull but I did have a morbid curiosity about it. Maybe there was some fashion insight I could gain from her, not that I'm the most stylish person who ever walked the earth.

Somehow watching it, I got the sense that this is the kind of person that women in ancient Rome used for styling. Women who were of the elite, the upper crust that could only be imagined and envied by everyone else. At least, Rachel looks like she may have been around that long. Cheap shot, I know.

Anyhow, the first thing that strikes me watching this program is that the woman does not SHUT UP. Even with her own husband, her mouth just goes and goes and no one can get a word in. What is especially annoying are the phrases she uses, "It's like..." "It's like I was thinking...." and it all revolves around Rachel. I almost wonder how she is with clients, if she's so self indulgent with them.

The other thing that strikes the viewer right in the face is her obsession with '70's vintage couture. Yuck. Maybe there is something waaay deep in the bottoms of the leftovers that might be interesting but the 70's were bad enough the first time around.....

Yes, it's impressive all the people she knows, all the people she styles, all the designers she hangs out with. But somehow it is all so boring. I actually appreciate my my boring desk job and my terrible plain fashion. I would mind doing AP or AR for her but the rest just seems so mundane.

Maybe as I've gotten older I've become immune to such glitter and eyeliner. I don't know. I can see only watching a few episodes before writing it off as yet one more lame reality attempt at trying to capture someone's attention. I'm not sure if they are trying to convince people that they might be able to aspire to her achievements if they went to community college as a fashion merchandising major....or if they should just throw the money out of a window and hope for the best. I can't quite list it as a guilty pleasure and yet there is an odd fascination. I suppose I shall watch until I get bored with it. I'm sure it wont' take long.

What would be entertaining would be for Tyra and Rachel to co-host a show together.....That could be interesting if done in a cage match style! I'd be hooked! Rachel, throwing Oscar De La Renta bracelets to fend off Tyra's lizard rage hair attacks!

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