Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blind Item!

from MTO, so take it for what it's worth:

November 19, 2008. Get ready for another celebrity divorce. just caught wind that a popular African American comedian's wife is about to file for divorce.

According to our snitches, the comedian's wife is very unhappy with how brazen her hubby's cheating has become. The tipster claims that this 40-something year old comedian is now bringing his jump off - who is about 20 years old - to his movie premieres.

But don't worry guys, the DIRTY DOG is about to get what he has coming to him. You see, his wife has already hired a VERY PROMINENT divorce lawyer and is set to file any day now. And the dude has NO IDEA what's about to hit him.

We here at could give you the name of the comedian, but that would just spoil the fun. We can tell you that he's pretty popular and he has a movie out in theaters now.

But don't worry ... we'll all know who it is soon enough...

*Spin's guess: Chris Rock*

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