Thursday, November 27, 2008

Joel and Nicole to tie the knot?

Is this to show up Pari$, who split up with the other Madden brother? off of

In the crazy-tip-turvy-Holllywood-world you have babies first…then you get married. Since Nicole and Richie and Joel Madden had their baby girl almost a year ago, they are ready to make it legal and honest. Sources report that Harlow’s momma and daddy are planning to get married on their baby’s birthday, January 11th.

“They want to set an example for Harlow. Nicole and Joel are doing this to seal their love legally. They want the ceremony to coincide with Harlow’s first birthday and be one big joyous occasion for everybody.”

*On the same day as Harlow's birthday? Damm....if they ever split up, as is common in LaLa land, that would suck for everyone, especially Harlow cuz that would be THE REST OF HER LIFE.*

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