Monday, November 10, 2008

Mighty Virus, U so Stoopid

Miley Cyrus says she's "never" getting married.

The Hannah Montana star, 15, is currently in a relationship with underwear model Justin Gaston.

But Miley has vowed never to tie the knot - because she hates sharing a bathroom with the opposite sex.

She says, "I'm never getting married because I can't take sharing a bathroom! There were five of us on the tour bus recently and we all shared one bathroom. I shared it with three boys, included my dad. It was horrible.

"I'd have all my make-up out and someone would put their toothbrush on top of it - that's disgusting! Then my brother used my toothbrush to comb his eyebrows one day. I was like, 'This is getting seriously ridiculous. I'm getting my own bus because I can't handle this!'"

Miley Cyrus: 'I Won't Get Married' | Showbiz Spy

Miley gets the "FAAAAKE" seal of approval from Tyra:


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