Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oh what a Shock

Honestly, what was the point in the first place? Come on now. From

It’s so weird when quickie Vegas marriages between near-teenagers who met on MySpace don’t work out, isn’t it? Peaches Geldof, 19, who wed 24-year-old Max Drummey in Sin City three months ago, already wants out.

“She doesn’t fancy him any more, and wants to move on,” said a friend. “To her it is as simple as that. She just wants to divorce him and find a new boyfriend. Max is heartbroken. He has been through the mill in the last three months, but there is nothing he can do. He genuinely believed marriage was a long term commitment, but Peaches has shattered his dreams.”

But a spokesperson for Peaches says the couple are still together. “Like most couples, Peaches and Max have their ups and downs, and things might be said in the heat of the moment. But they are still together and they are not divorcing.”

Peaches is the daughter of singer Bob Geldof. Drummey is the frontman for band Chester French and a Harvard grad. The couple lives in Brooklyn.

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